About us

Theatre company of Giorgio Zorcù and Sara Donzelli, produces shows for adults and children.
The central features of his theatrical language are the great attention to the quality of work of the actor and the search for emotional sharing stage space with the public; the topics are mainly related to the male-female dialectic, faced with the double gaze of modernity and myth, of the fairy tale and tragedy.
The two artists have merged their previous experiences in the company: the artistic director, director and producer of Giorgio Zorcù, from Santarcangelo Festival to the direction of the CRT of Milan, from teaching at the Paolo Grassi's School of Dramatic Arts to driving Acccademia Amiata, and that of Sarah Donzelli, actress active for more than twenty years between theatre (Toni Comello, Flavio Ambrosini, Enrique Pardo, Ludwig Flaszen, Jurij Alschitz), cinema (Carlo Lizzani, Heinz Butler) and television (Gianni Serra) and trainer of artists – Master's degree in theater pedagogy at GITIS, the National Academy of Moscow - and boys.
Mutamenti is also a School of Theatre and a Permanent Yard of the theater and the actor culture.

Giorgio e Sara