Against the Violent Life

Conference-show for teens

by Sara Donzelli
with Sara Donzelli and Alessandro Ferrara
production Province of Grosseto, Regione Toscana

Is a lesson in the form of show dedicated to high school students, produced for informative purpose with the languages closer to the kids of today; has the time and the rhythms of a real show but inside unravel educational and historical arguments, the classics of the theatre and the fairy tale, contemporary drama and writing poetry. The used methods are mainly the music and images: fragments of cinema and educational animations produced for the occasion. Great attention, as usual for the company, was placed on the quality of acting and the listening of the voice.

Stalking, bullying, bullying ... so many new words for old things: persecution and violence.

The first action is to clear the field: It is not a phenomenon only of today or of the youth of today. It then retrieves a historical and anthropological view that places the exercise of violence in nature and human culture from its origins. We then proceed to an examination of contemporary forms of violence, especially bullying and stalking, even in their "cyber" variables. Particular attention is given to the difference between the language of the body, from which you can see more easily the true intentions and objectives of the communication, and the language exclusively "mediated".

Ends with a message of hope, entrusted to Imagine by John Lennon and the faces of the great innovators and pacifists of the twentieth century, women and men. Those who were able to imagine a different future.

The title Stalker has a double intention: one the now common usage of this word is the obsessive persecution, mostly used by former lovers men against women who have left. But the other is the wonderful film by Andrei Tarkovsky, in which the Stalker is the guide that leads to the source of desire, to an imaginary happiness, which is more difficult to conquer than expected.

Then: hunters in a perverse obsession or hunters of happiness and future?

Normally the conference show is presented in a cycle of 3-4 workshops lasting two hours (for each 20 students involved).

Stage space
The space must be protected from light sources, to enable video projections that form the backdrop to almost the entire conference-show. On the fund scene has to be installed a large white cloth on which project, supplied by the company (there is no need if the wall is white).
 The technical director of the table is on stage.

4 PC 1.000 W with flags and port jelly,
 2 pliers 500 W,
 1 writing s
 4 floor lamps,unit lights 6 channels.
Light load required: 3 Kw, current prey the 220V or 380V.

1 Radio microphone, 1 stand microphone, mixer audio, cd player, speakers

1 video projector. Dvd player. Connecting cables.

Mounting and dismounting
1 help for unloading and assembly (about 2 hour and a half).