Do You Know How to Recognize Bluebeard?

Conference-show for teens
by and with Sara Donzelli and Giorgio Zorcù

Production of the Province of Grosseto-Assessorato Cultura Lavoro and Equal Opportunities
In collaboration with the Anti-Violence Center of Grosseto
With the patronage of the Provincial School Office of Grosseto

Is a lesson in the form of show dedicated to high school students, produced for dissemination purposes with languages ​​closer to the kids of today; has the times and the rhythms of a real show but inside unravel educational and historical arguments, the classics of the theatre and the fairy tale, contemporary drama and writing poetry. The means used are especially music (from Bartòk to Laurie Anderson, from tango to rock) and images: fragments of films (Kubrick, Lynch, Saura, Kitano) and educational animations created for the occasion. Great attention, as usual for the company, was placed on the quality of acting and the listening of the voice.

The purpose is to provide those facing the emotional and sexual adult life a meditation on how violence can be born from the love, how to recognize it in ourselves and how to recognize it in the acts of the other. Not to dwell on the fact that the "monster" is far from us, but be aware that every man may conceal a Bluebeard and every young woman an ideal prey. The important thing to convey to young people is to find out from which young and old behaviors can become perpetrators or victims, and give output tools from perverse spiral which imperceptibly transforms love on violence.

Normally the conference-show is presented in a cycle 3-4 workshops lasting two hours (for each 20 students involved).

Workshops with adolescents in Secondary Schools
Available in different forms, depending on the possibilities of Schools: da due-tre incontri di due ore fino a un ciclo di quindici-venti incontri per la preparazione di una performance con i ragazzi. Si lavora con gruppi di venti persone circa, anche con più gruppi nella stessa giornata. La pratica del laboratorio e del gioco teatrale provoca delle aperture di interesse, per affrontare il tema da punti di vista diversi, mettendo in ascolto non solo la capacità intellettiva ma tutto l’apparato psicofisico, attraverso esercizi tratti dalla prassi della cultura teatrale e riadattati per lo scopo. Laboratories determine the basic plot on which to build a not superficial dialogue . Normalmente si conclude con la visione della conferenza-spettacolo “Do You Know How to Recognize Bluebeard?”. La collaborazione con i locali Centri antiviolenza è necessaria in sede di elaborazione e nelle discussioni finali.

Stage space

The space must be protected from light sources, to enable video projections in the background to almost all the show-conference.
Must be installed on the bottom scene a large white cloth on which project, supplied by the company (there is no need if the wall is white).
The technical director table is on stage.


6 PC 1.000 W with flags and gel
2 pliers 500 W
1 writing surface
4 floor lamps
Power lights 6 channels
Light load required: 4 Kw, current prey the 220V or 380V.


1 Radio microphone, 1 stand microphone
Cd Player, mixer audio


1 video projector
Computer with dvd player
VGA connection and phonic cables

Mounting and dismounting

1 help for unloading and assembly (about 2 hour and a half).