The Secret of Shahrazàd

free adaptation from the Thousand and One Nights

with Sara Donzelli
music performed by Fabrizio Bai
written and directed by Giorgio Zorcù
production Bambimus – Children's Art Museum in Siena, Accademia Mutamenti, Regione Toscana

The Thousand and One Nights is a fundamental text of the Arab culture, and its origins go back to distant times: centuries of stories of many men and women from India to Persia to Egypt.
The wonder and grace of these stories, so different from ours, never cease to amaze us, and yet today we can listen to them with pleasure and draw lessons from those who lived before us, even in places so far.

In the show we wanted to keep the underlying story that frames: at the beginning there is a betrayal of love suffered by King Shahriyàr, and it is from this pain and from the violence that it causes, that everything it put in motion, by the "Savior" Shahrazàd who will cure the King with his presence and his stories, escaping a thousand and one night to his fate of death.

Inside we have chosen three of the thousand stories. I waited for one thousand years, that tells of the cunning of a simple man and of the stupidity of a powerful demon; Sea Jullanàr, a journey into the depths and into enchanted cities, where all women have a hidden magic; The Ebony Horse, which speaks of the "fantastic flight" riding a toy horse: a little bit surprised and afraid at first,, becomes a joyful love flight in the end.

The actress takes us from a story into another, from the adventure of Shahrazàd to those of the characters that she tells, and slowly, you find yourself in a great maze, just as happens in dreams. The recommended age range for watching the show is from 4 to 12 years, but The Secret of Shahrazàd is a show for all ages, by its simple and profound nature, that gives the way, just like in fairy tales, to experience different levels of reading.

Stage space

It is adaptable to different spaces: large and small theaters, outdoor stages, "special" places to arrive after a journey.

The public can settle down on carpets (provided by the company).

The space must be protected from the noise for the delicacy of the work on the text, and from light sources for the presence of a few moments of total darkness.

White backdrop, feasible 2×2 (provided by the company).


n. 12 PC 1.000 W
n. 1 beam shaper 1.000 W
n. 6 flags, red, blue and amber jelly
Power lights 12 channels

Light load required: 10 Kw.


Radio microphone (only if required to the size and acoustics of the space)
Cd Player, mixer audio
speakers with the power required for space used

Mounting and dismounting

Aid for loading and unloading (about half an hour);
Technicians for installation and pointing lights, sound installation.

Assembly scenic space time: 5 h about.

Locandina "Il segreto di Sharazàd"