The World of Grimm

Children's Theater

by & with Sara Donzelli and Alessandro Ferrara
costumes Marco Caboni
Set Design Francesca Bizzarri
directed by Giorgio Zorcù
techniques used: Actor's theatre and shadows
Recommended age: from 6 years
debut: 3 February 2013, Teatro dei Dovizi, Bibbiena (AR)

"One day the talk of men, the simple people talk, had to be rich in metaphors, connections, symbols, references. The tale reveals even the unfathomable richness of the word of the poor, the sovereign power of archetypes, the oracular wisdom of things ".
Giuseppe Sermonti, Introduction to Alchemy of the Fairy Tale

Some alchemists believed that the Grimm's fairy tales contain the legacy of most ancient myths and symbols of the alchemical tradition: the underground reservoir of minerals, which emerge from metals and bright and sorceresses precious stones. Giuseppe Sermonti, brilliant scientist, he tried to trace this ancient tradition and re-read their classic fairy tales three linking them to the working of cinnabar/mercury (Little Red Riding Hood), silver (Snow-white) and sulfur (Cinderella).

The alchemy of Grimm comes from the words: orality to writing and from there back to life, in the reader's mind and in 'acting the new narrator. Their romantic dream, Risorgimento and democratic, was initially aimed at collecting ancient stories, legends and fairy tales etched in the memory of the people, then towards the creation of a single language, modern German, that united in itself the many existing languages, creating an immense etymological dictionary that it is still a point of reference. And the theorem of "Mutation consonantal" – opera in Jacob – reveals the common roots of a thousand words that have changed in different languages ​​just because "passed from mouth to mouth", and then at pronunciation of pronunciation. It is the dream of a universal language that send us, from fairy tales.

We came up with the idea to see them on stage, these two giants of thought, and we have chosen the moment in which, now fifty, were expelled from the University of Göttingen for political reasons. We imagine that they went to take refuge in the Home of Childhood, and there resume playing with fairy tales written in his youth, with their new wisdom of linguists.
The two actors play the scene like Grimm played with the blank page, creating a fantasy world of costumes, sounds and shadows. It 'a world for children, they are pathetic and silly little beings, fragile outlines of an adult, but short essays primordial, close to the mystery of life, who know more about us. That 's why we've been through The World of Grimm searching for language a child that was not synonymous with trivial. In fact the children were those who had made universal and popular their writing, that the intent was not for them.

The night is the enchantress queen, where nothing is as it seems. Jacob, more austere and intellectual, gives ideas; Wilhelm, more carnal and playful, writes. From a mirror you unleash Snow-white, that is narrated entirely in a construction / re-enactment Live; from fear of the forest is born Little Red Riding Hood, concentrated in the dialogue "little girl – wolf"; finally Cinderella, the fairy tale in the world's most popular ever, which remains in essence a dance in the ashes, symbol of the end of all hope but also from which element is, bright, the shoe of salvation, alchemical gold, with which the victim sacrificed first rises and is entrusted to a happy destiny.

Foto realizzate da Michele Ruffaldi Santori, studio Video Grafica 01 – Grosseto

Stage space

Black quadrature. Darkened space.

For outdoor venues the space must be protected from the noise for the delicacy of the work on the text, and from light sources for the presence of a few moments of total darkness.

1 technical control board preferably central, in the room background.


Power lights 12 double channel scene
10 PC 1.000 w (with flags and filter frames)
4 CP60 PAR 1.000 w
10 fireflies
2 floor lamps for lateral cuts
Extension cords
Light load: max 12 Kw.


Audio mixer
2 Cd players
2 speakers with the power required to used space
Microphone bench directed
Audio cables

Mounting and dismounting

Aid for unloading and loading (very short time)
1 lighting technician for placing and tracking

Assembly approximately 3 hours
Disassembly approximately 1 hour

Il Mondo dei Grimm