Italian fairy tales

with Sara Donzelli
directed by George Zorcù
production Tuscany of Cultures Festival, Accademia Mutamenti

In the '50s Italo Calvino has filled a huge void in our culture: he collected, selected and put in writing the great popular heritage represented by the fairy tales, as in other European countries had been done by authors as the Grimm Brothers, Perrault and Andersen.
Finally also in Italy, thanks to Calvino, we can now have this "catalogue of the imaginary": princes and princesses on the road and in the transformation, inserted into a magical and essential world, that give simple answers about life.

Our choice fell on three stories: The Canary Prince, The Sister of the Count and Superb King; the main track drove us is the theme of male and female: the ups and downs, the adventures, the transformations that are required for the take place of the happy meeting between a man and a woman. As always in fairy tales, we must overcome obstacles that appear insurmountable, making travel and kill monsters, face the cruelty and pain. Experience, in short, that every adult has learned to grow from life and to be transmitted, with simple and imaginative language, to our sons and our daughters (and on which, occasionally, dwell again ourselves).

The show is divided into sections that correspond to different modes of narration: reading, story and stage action, unraveling during the hour of representation in an increasingly complex and emotionally engaging, up to the classic "happy ending".

Fiabe italiane is addressed to all, both adults and children, by its simple and profound nature, that gives the way, just like in fairy tales, to experience different levels of reading.

A show so simple as intelligent. Da una parte la scelta delle fiabe, tutt’altro che scontate e capaci di riconsegnare quel sapore di “crudeltà” che Calvino coglieva e manteneva nella narrazione tradizionale; dall’altra la loro reinterpretazione scenica, only apparently simple but really thin, che lascia spazio alla forza dell’attrice e della sua parola e alla creatività dei bambini. Which, proprio come in una vera “veglia domestica”, are invited to imagine the faces and places, o a rileggere nei piccoli oggetti d’uso la magnificenza di castelli e culle regali.

Il Tirreno, 2 April 2006 – Emilio Guargiglia

Stage space

The show can be adapted to different spaces, whether they be halls with bleachers for the audience (the preferable situation), or theaters with a stage (preferably not too high).
Scenic space should have a depth of at least 8 metri, and a width of at least 6 metmetershe space must be obscured.
In the case of outdoor spaces: must be highly protected by noise and light sources.

Load lights required

n. 16 PC 1.000 W
n. 10 flags, n. n portagelatine
Power lights 14 channels
Light load required: 8 Kw

Mounting and dismounting

n. 1 help (porter) for loading and unloading (about half an hour)
Technicians for installation and pointing lights (about four hours)

Locandina "Fiabe italiane"