The Sunset Room

Notes on the ordinary life of a mammal

by Lina Prosa
with Sara Donzelli and Gianpaolo Gotti
Claudia Sorace collaboration drama and stage and Riccardo Fazi
collaboration on the project Anna Barbera

costumes Marco Caboni
Organization and distribution Rings Todeschini
directed by Giorgio Zorcù
production Accademia Mutamenti, Regione Toscana
with the collaboration of Armunia Castiglioncello

A brother and sister find themselves, After years of separation, behind the closed door of the room of a hospital; from the shadow come the breath and the singing of the dying mother. We are in a place of border, everyone can recognize. Disappears the body you created: the end is a legendary Act, Yet it's also so daily, a moment like so many others, occurring in a given day, at a certain time.

The scene from the beginning has the characters of hyperrealism: a gray wall simulates a hospital corridor, crushing the two actors to the audience, under the glow of neon lights. Yet there is a metaphysical symbiosis with what happens beyond: the blink rate of consciousness and perception, the ravings, see voices, talk to the ghosts of childhood. In a game of dialogues and conflicts, memories and visions, the two brothers are present, you observe, compete for the mother's body, to bring it to everyone at home. With a surreal language, at times amused, that returns the truth of this situation so common and paradoxical.

The infinitesimal daily cohabits with the dizziness of the myth, in the personal writing of Lina Prosa, author from Palermo that is experiencing a very successful season in France, where his books are published by Les Solitaires Intempestifs and staged by the Comedie Francaise. The text of “The Sunset Room” has already been translated into French by Jean-Paul Manganaro; the show is part of the Face à Face.

Suddenly the scene opens; the mother dissolves, the wall is sucked down to the bottom and it is projected into an interior landscape, by toni caravaggeschi: faint flashes of light, a crystal chandelier abandoned, ash falling from above, hiss of wind, the sounds of a distant radio. It is the place / surreal House where his sister welcomes the sick brother, one year after the death of his mother. Here the two orphans they build progressively the landscapes of their sunset, disguise themselves and mutate into each other, through omens of beauty and neglect. Away from the hospital wards strictly divided into male and female, rediscover the elemental rite of care "from when the mammals licked their wounds.". He undertakes a saving in female descent until, together, Open finally the mythical door closed – of which are now masters – and disappear in a dazzling sunset.

The Sunset Room, a collaboration of artistic staff who met for the first time on this occasion, is a creation on the themes of Fine and Care.

It's from a original writing by Lina Prosa – author of Palermo which is experiencing a great season of international success – for Academy Changes, as a result of laboratory meetings with actors and Director.

Also makes use of artistic collaboration of Claudia Sorace and Riccardo Fazi, Muta Imago company, whose particular vision of the relationship between dramaturgy and stage space was confronted with acting qualities of Sara Donzelli and Giampaolo Gotti.

Rehearsal Photos