The Bloody Chamber

Fairy tale for adults

by Angela Carter
english translation by Barbara Lanati (Feltrinelli Editions 1984)
reduction for the theatre by Sara Donzelli and Giorgio Zorcù
with Sara Donzelli
music by Angelo Comisso performed on piano and synthesizer
lights Marcello D'Agostino
stage area and live video by Monica Liguoro
directed by Giorgio Zorcù
production Accademia Mutamenti
with contributions from the Province of Grosseto, Regione Toscana
with the collaboration of the Municipality of Castel del Piano

It is a rewrite of the female Bluebeard fairy tale by Charles Perrault, adapted from the long tale by Angela Carter, considered the masterpiece of the English writer, one of the most innovative witer of gothic and fantastic genre of the late twentieth century. Carter uses the first-person narrative to put the reader in touch with the deeper aspects of female psychology. The ingenuity and ambition of the young woman, her mixed feelings of attraction and repulsion, make her an ideal prey, ready to enter the gallery of wives of violent Bluebeard. Throughout the show, but especially in the final paced and full of suspense, you compare and continuously measure various "ways" to be men and women in love. Show between fairy tales and contemporary writing, is a single narrative flow "subjective" of the young woman, immersed in the music and in the fantastic transformations of the stage space. On stage, close to the actress Sarah Donzelli, Friuli pianist Angelo Comisso, emerging talent of jazz and contemporary music. The space is designed by the reflection of lights by Marcello D'Agostino and live video of Monica Liguoro.

The play is a study in the form of a monologue that tells, in a dark and scary way, the ogre of the fairy tales in real life. That of the brutal violence against women. A sort of “blood fairy” for adults. And’ the violence in its extreme, idiotic and sadistic to provide torture and death . And at the same time it is the vision of a young woman, naive but ambitious: her conflicting feelings of love and fear, attraction and repulsion, told by the female sensibility of Sara Donzelli, actress and co-author very addictive. The drama evolves with exciting notes of Angelo Comisso piano. And with the occasional inclusion of video film footage, black and white. With credits to remind us of the violent deaths of young women, taken from recent news. from Chiara Poggi to Meredith Kercher. How to say: the orcs are among us. Sometimes even inside us. Black fairy tale.

Punto e Linea Blog, 28 November 2007

Stage space

Stage of m. 10 x m. 8, with trellis. Preferable to the presence of the curtain. Darkened space.
Black quadrature.
For outdoor sites: the stage must be protected from noise and light sources.
It is necessary to know the type of supports for lights and backdrops (floor lamps, americanas).


Unit 24 Double channels scene and memories
19 PC 1.000 w (with flags and filter frames)
3 CP60 PAR 1.000 w (with port jelly)
1 ETC beam shaper 750 w long fire (16° or 26° optic)
2 low floor lamps for lateral cuts (company)
Jellies n. 106, 201, 204, violet (company)

Max load 15 Kw.


Cd Player
Audio mixer
2 Piano microphones.
Amplification Synthesizer
D.I. amplification synthesizer box (supplied by the company)
Speakers fit for space
Spy case for the pianist

Wireless microphone DPA 40/61 and G2 Sennheizer walkie-talkie (supplied by the company)

Piano half tail (or vertical).

Technical control

1 command table, sound and central video projector, in the room background.
The company is equipped with a video projector for a maximum distance of 15 meters and for indoor spaces.

Mounting and dismounting

Aid for loading and unloading (very short time);
Technicians scene assembly (placing and pointing lights; placing the control unit; sounds EQ; placing of white tulle backdrop, placing props).

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