Circe / Mud

Recital for actress, pianist and choir

by Margaret Atwood
translation by Cristiana Franco
with Sara Donzelli
the piano Angelo Comisso
local choir, following a short laboratory
props Francesca Bizzarri
edited by Giorgio Zorcù
production Accademia Amiata Mutamenti, Regione Toscana

If in the Odyssey is Odysseus who speaks, hour – three thousand years later – is Circe who is telling us her point of view, on him and about men. Canadian poetess Margaret Atwood invites you to read the myth of Circe from a new female perspective, and find a new way of reading the tradition. And if the fault were not always the seductive and bewitching qualities of the woman but also the inability of men to establish a relationship of equality and mutual respect? If women were tired of always being surrounded by super strong and aggressive men and instead seek another kind of companion, that can not be afraid of their vulnerability? Rebel to the myth and to a already written script , as taught by the Circe of Atwood, can lead to a revolutionary change in the relationship between the sexes. No longer a clash, but a shared meeting.

The recital may requires the construction of a choir in every place in which is presented, as result of a short workshop with a group of citizens: theater lovers, participants in courses or theatre schools, high school students.

The theme of the Recital – the male and female points of view on the dynamics of attraction and conflict between the sexes – lends itself to accompany the presentation at a meeting / in-depth Conference.