20 Years posters

by Mario Papalini and Giorgio Zorcù, Edizioni Effigi 2012

The twenty-year collaboration between a designer and art director, illustrated by pictures and stories.
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Leo De Berardinis: Dialogue on the actor

Edited by Giorgio Zorcù, Edizioni Effigi 2012

The Conference of the 7 August 1993 the Medieval Castle of Arcidosso, in the final day of the 1st Edition of the Festival, where Leo was artist in residence.


Against the Violent Life
by Sara Donzelli and Giorgio Zorcù, Edizioni Effigi 2011

The results and comments of the first trial year of the project “Stalker” in middle and superiors school of the province of Grosseto. Contains the script of the conference-show, in-depth interventions, the report of the special project “Prejudice” made with the group 60 students during the alternative hour of religion in the Polo Liceale of Grosseto.

The Book of Contrasts

Teenage in the Love Room
Edited by Dorothy Coppi and Ilienia Pastorelli, Edizioni Effigi 2010

A group of girls and boys, after participating the project “Do You Know How to Recognize Bluebeard?”, began a reflection on the theme of Love, gradually extended to other peers inside and outside the school. Have born tales, reworkings of personal myths, dialogues and the contrasts, collected in this book. Its particularity is that words are only by boys, there is no adult intervention, that occurred only during the setting and some discussion.

Do You Know How to Recognize Bluebeard?

Experience of working with adolescents on love and violence
by Sara Donzelli and Giorgio Zorcù, Edizioni Effigi 2008

The results and comments of the first trial year of the project “Do You Know How to Recognize Bluebeard?” in the province of Grosseto, involving six high schools and about 400 girls and boys between 16 and 18 years. Full of didactic, responses of children, images, also contains some text of the show and a bibliography-discography- filmography on the subject. And’ especially dedicated to educators and high school teachers.

The Unexpected Link Between Love and Violence

by Lea Meandri and Stefano Ciccone, Edizioni Effigi 2008

Two looks – one female one male – who, with great lucidity, foreshadow the future scenario of relations, and the conflicts, between men and women. Lea Melandri, historian feminist and philosopher, and Stefano Ciccone, President of Masculine Plural, association that gathers the male consciousness-raising groups that are spreading throughout Italy.

The Bandit's Queen

by Federico Bertozzi

Legendary and controversial figure, virtually unknown to the European public, Phoolan Devi incarnated the Warrior-woman in contemporary India.

Area Maremma

curated by Stefano Cantini, Maurizio Cont, Francesco Falaschi, Giorgio Zorcù, 2007

Catalogue of the Transnational Cooperation Project I.R.I.D.E.. (Imaging Rural IDEntities in the enlarged Europe).