Children Season 2012/13

cartolina 2012 mini

elefante 4 Sunday 17 February, hours 17:00

with Livio Valenti
Technique used: actor's theatre with puppets
Recommended Age: from 4 to 10 years

It is a simple and fun work on tolerance, acceptance of their own shortcomings and friendship. It 's the story of an elephant who had a small problem noisy and smelly. For this everyone in the forest called the fart elephant. Everything was fine until he was little and his farts were well tolerated, but when he grown up his farts became a big problem: messing up hair the Lion, demolishing the hippos and monkeys and chimpanzees were faint. The elephant saddened for all the trouble that inadvertently combined decided to move into town. There things seemed to go better: the noise of cars hid his farts and the stench emanating wasn't recognizable among many other odors. The elephant was happy and went to live in a nice apartment, but unfortunately its neighbors soon realized his fault and began to complain about the smell and noise. Sad and broken the elephant wandering alone on the street, did not know what to do, did not know where to go. In his melancholy wanderings came to the amusement park and there met the seller of balloons that had a great idea: take advantage of this power that comes out of the elephant's butt for colorful balloons inflate. So the seller of balloons and the fart elephant made a great company that made everyone happy children of the city and the … farts … of the elephant trapped in balloons sent not more bad smell and became colourful. But the surprises do not end here because in the life of an happy elephant lot can happen and then… who knows what will happen!


buona notte 3 mini Sunday 10 March, hours 17:00
Accettella Teatro
taken from ' Philip and others’ by Roberto Piumini
with Alessandro Accettella, Laura Grimaldi, Alessandra Maccotta, Matteo Rigola
Technique used: string puppets and actor's theater
Recommended Age: from 3 to 7 years

Filippo, Ahmed, Anna. Three bored kids on a cold hospital room. A nurse with blue hair that hides a surprising secret. A flush that, thanks to a magic formula, opens a gateway to worlds and enchanted kingdoms. In an ancient village, Count Melandrone challenge every day its inhabitants to make bets that, by deception, wins all. In the realm of Ceronia, a spiteful queen invites his subjects to reach his throne in order to make a wish but, a slippery floor, prevents them from approaching. In a dark and dense forest a witch by mouth wide and by incomprehensible language, looking for chubby kids can eat ... From the book "Philip and the other- Stories for a good night "written by Roberto Piumini and published by Editions Carthusia, in support of the foundation ABIO Italy Onlus for the child in hospital, The show deals with the difficult subject of hospitalization as an experience of life to which the child is certainly not prepared. It does this using a realistic language but at the same time simple, imaginative and ironic. In this world unknown, thermometers, needles, syringes, spoons, patches magically come to life and become the key to unleashing the creativity and imagination of children to get rid of fears of a reality that does not belong to them. Actors and puppets give life to this exciting adventure accompanied by original music and rhymes novel by Roberto Piumini.


hansel 3 MINI Sunday 17 March, hours 17:00
Accademia Mutamenti
… or the perfect trap
freely adapted from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel
Voices Luca Marras, Lucia Cappelli
Technique used: puppet theater with actors, puppets, shadows and videos
Recommended Age: from 5 to 10 years

"Who gnawing the house ?" says the witch , "The wind the breeze or the blue little boy" respond the children with their mouth full ...
The house of marzipan ... there it is in the heart of the forest. an image that takes your breath away and makes mouth-watering......
An image that no one forgets: how it is attractive and tempting this image, and how terrible is the risk you run if you cede to its temptation!
Moving from fear of starving to that of being devoured .
But luckily the cunning always wins over evil .... and the witch can be pushed into the oven and burned !
The show is inspired from the famous fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel.
As long as children continue to believe in witches (and they have always believed and always will believe) we must tell them that thanks to their skills and their cunning, they can shed from these persecuting figures that populate their imaginations.
But witches do not just inhabit the imaginary child, and often the fear of being "eaten" becomes a reality in the world of adults!


DSC_1215 MINI 2 Sunday 24 March, hours 17:00
with Sara Donzelli, Alessandro Ferrara
Technique used: actor's theatre and shadows
Recommended Age: from 5 to 11 years

"One day the talk of men, the simple people talk, had to be rich in metaphors, connections, symbols, references. The tale reveals even the unfathomable richness of the word of the poor, the sovereign power of archetypes, the oracular wisdom of things ".
Giuseppe Sermonti, introduction to Alchemy of fairy tale

Some alchemists believed that the Grimm's fairy tales contain the legacy of most ancient myths and symbols of the alchemical tradition: the underground reservoir of minerals, which emerge from metals and bright and sorceresses precious stones.
Giuseppe Sermonti, brilliant scientist, tried to trace this ancient tradition; so were born the Moon Fairy books, where uses the Lunar symbolism, and Alchemy of fairy tales, where three classic fairy tales are re-read, settling them into mining areas: Monte Amiata in Tuscany and cinnabar mercury for Little Red Riding Hood; the massif of Perda de San Pippìa in Sardinia and silver for Snow White; the plateau of Enna and Caltanissetta in Sicily and sulfur for Cinderella.
From these suggestions, we imagine putting our scene in the dense forests of Grimm, populated with legends and mysteries that the two brothers distilling in their stills. The actors play with puppets and shadows, and the public child is guided in the Theatre-Woods of processing, where the first victim sacrificed eventually rises and is entrusted to a happy fate.
On stage, the Brothers Grimm caught in the act of creation: Jacob gives ideas and Wilhelm writes, and together they enjoy rewrite the myths and legends heard by the voice of the people, using the simple elements of nature and their symbolic force. From a mirror, unleashes Snow White, from the fear of the woods Little Red Riding Hood, as from the ashes of the end of all hope is born the golden rain that will crown the dream of Cinderella, the fairy tale in the world's most popular ever. The night is the enchantress queen, the fantastic and magical world where nothing is as it appears. In a funny and mysterious jam session, Grimm Brothers carry the audience into a world of sounds and fantastic images, like ancient alchemists.



admission € 3

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