Children Season 2011/12

Sunday 26 February, hours 17:00
Habanera/Fondazione Sipario Cascina

Show with foam animated puppets and actor on black, freely adapted from the book “In the blue of Azzurra” by Leila Corsi, published by Campanila.
with Patrizia Ascione and Stefano Cavallini
Technique used: puppets
Recommended Age: from 3 to 8 years

This is a fable in which the protagonist, AzzurraBalena, a whale of papier-mâché, want so much the sea and so much want to become a whale in meat and ... baleen, that she finally succeeds, with the help of some characters and a monk seal. AzzurraBalena was built with so much love, so much feeling, to the point of being impressed, between the glue and the papers, the dream of living the sea and its inhabitants. But she will become a real whale mainly thanks to journey that she will do for the sea; a large and warm sea, able to forgive and to punish, to heat and to repair, which always reserving new surprises. A long journey, from the Carnival of Viareggio, through the Tyrrhenian Sea with surprise meetings, to conquer life.


Sunday 4 March, hours 17:00
Teatrino dei Fondi
with Enrico Falaschi
scenes by Emanuele Luzzati
audio-lights technology by Angelo Italiano
written and directed by Andrea Mancini
Recommended Age: 3 -10 years

Once Pinocchio story! The idea is precisely that of a: "we can no longer" Pinocchio, told by the same puppet, become child, and now man, who can not live with his own history, among other things, a story retold from the extraordinary scenery of Emanuele Luzzati, with the huge whale, but even the police and then of course the same Pinocchio. The story of this character tired of what he tells, built with the techniques of narrative, but also from Collodi's original text (that may, at first reading, appear immediately alienating and still fun, for the use of a language that bears little resemblance to the today "tuscan"). A very simple text at the end, but who is able to adapt and be appreciated by every kind of audience, with truly compelling moments.


Sunday 18 March, hours 17:00
Accademia Mutamenti
free adaptation from “The Thousand and One Nights”
with Sara Donzelli
music performed by Fabrizio Bai
written and directed by Giorgio Zorcù
production Bambimus - Art Children's Museum of Siena, Accademia Mutamenti, Regione Toscana
kind: author's theater
Recommended Age: from 5 to 12 years

The Thousand and One Nights is a fundamental text of the Arab culture, and its origins go back to distant times: centuries and centuries of stories of many men and women from India to Persia to Egypt.
The wonder and grace of these stories, so different from ours, never cease to amaze us, and even now we can listen to them with pleasure and learn from those who lived before us, even in places so far. In the show we wanted to keep the underlying story that frames: at the beginning there is a betrayal of love suffered by King Shahriyàr, and it is from this pain and violence that causes, that everything starts to move, the "Savior" Shahrazàd that will cure the King with his presence and his stories, escaping for a thousand and one night to his fate of death.
Inside we have chosen three of the thousand stories. I waited a thousand years, that tells of the cunning of a simple man and stupidity of a powerful demon; Sea Jullanàr, a journey into the abyss and in fairy towns, where all women have a hidden magic; The Ebony Horse, which speaks of "fantastic flight" riding a toy horse: a little bit surprised and afraid at first,, becomes a joyful love flight in the end. The actress takes us from a story into another, from the adventure of Shahrazàd to those of the characters that she tells, and slowly we are immersed in a fantastic maze, just as happens in dreams. The age range recommended for watching the show ranges from 4 to 12 years, but The Secret of Shahrazàd is a show for all ages, by its simple and profound nature, that gives the way, just like in fairy tales, to experience different levels of reading.


Sunday 25 March, hours 17:00
"You know? I no longer desire to eat you. "
Author: Livio Valenti
with Livio Valenti and Michele Mori
Sets and costumes: Andrea Vitali
Puppets: Roberta Socci
Music by Lorenzo Bachini
Kind: actor's theatre with puppets
Recommended Age: 4-11 years

After leaving his parents' home, the young Emmanuel goes on the road, until arriving in a forest where he decides to stop. Begins to build his house on a bright clear, but he doesn't know that a wolf, hidden in the bushes, it is spying. The wolf wants to eat Emmanuel, but is afraid of his staff, of his knife, and is intrigued by his book, from the pot that he brings with him and from his... vegetable garden from which seem to come out smelling foods.
The two strangers begin to observe, approach, sniffing, tell one another, then, one day, the wolf tries to eat Emanuele but, unfortunately or fortunately, something unexpected happens that will cause them to become friends .... Because solitude is an ugly beast.



admission € 3

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