Bluebeard's Rooms

Is a research, training and artistic production around the theme "The unexpected link between love and violence". Main starting point is the fairytale Bluebeard by Perrault, its various manifestations in art and the studies of various kinds – symbolic, mythical, psychological – that have been made on the subject, whose origin dates back to historical Power of France Gilles de Rais, of the 15th century.

The two main artistic productions created within the project are:
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, fairy tale for adults (See "Shows");
Do You Know How to Recognize Bluebeard?, conference show for teens (see "Children's Theatre")

But the project also includes:

  • residency projects;
  • social actions in the territories;
  • workshops for teens;
  • workshops for actors, directors, educators;
  • seminars and meetings with artists and scholars;
  • publications.
Locandina "Sai riconoscere Barbablù?"