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Love and Violence: Models of XX Century’s Men and Women

Castel del Piano (Gr) – Italy 20/06/2010 > 26/06/2010

Target Group: The workshop provides a chance to update competences for educators, social workers and tutors interested at experiencing new methods of intervention to promote gender equality and to combat violence against women. Target group includes educators working in associations, no-profit organizations, in social/private enterprises engaged in women and gender equality. Basic Knowledge of italian and english is required.

Main activities Programme: The workshop aims at analysing the construction of gender identity from masculine and feminine differences through models provided by the XX century European literatures, cinema, theatre, visual arts. It focus particularly in deconstruction of acts which turn love into violence and possession. Characters, between myth and psycology, are the archetypes of the latest change of our species: XX century´s men and women. Characters are new internal images which make our identities between tradition and renovation.

By means of theatrical act and staging participants create character, they act through them to reconstruct actions bringing to inequality, abuse, violence and death. The workshop will include: work on energy, word and gesture, composing and staging. At the end participants will perform to final Saturday night event.

Grundtvig LLP Workshop. Reference number: 2009-1-IT2-GRU13-06309 Subject area: Gender issues, equal opportunities; Pedagogy and didactics; Artistic education.

Working language: English
Workshop Organiser: Accademia Amiata Mutamenti – theatre company
Contact details: Chiara Damiani chiara.damiani@gmail.com
Giorgio Zorcù mutamenti@accademiaamiata.it

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