Imaging Rural IDEntities in the enlarged Europe

When rural people take the camera and tell their stories

Unione Europea. Partners: Irlanda, Italia, Netherlands, Czech Republic
Far Maremma, Province of Grosseto

The Iride Project - Italy 2007 is curated by Area Maremma (Stefano “Cocco” Cantini Music, Maurizio Cont Visual arts, Francesco Falaschi Cinema, Giorgio Zorcù Theatre)

The rural world is told in first person, through its own eyes/point of view, its own stories, its own means, to rethink, reimagine, say, "Who we are in the countryside, what we do, how we see things, what we want to be ".

March to July 2007: Popular workshop of artistic creation
Four working groups, formed by residents of the Rural District, tell about themselves with different artistic languages (theatre, music, film and visual arts), guided by the four artists of the Maremma Area.

September to November 2007: Events
The results of the Workshop of Artistic Creation are presented in four popular events in the Rural District: 2 September inside the Castle of Scarlino, 7 September in the Exhibition Centre of Pitigliano, 19 and 20 October inside the Aldobrandesco Castle and at the Teatro degli Unanimi in Arcidosso, 16 November at the Teatro degli Industri in Grosseto (where will be presented the catalog and the final Dvd).

Iride Teatro

The Giants of The Mountain
Libero adattamento da The Giants of The Mountain di Luigi Pirandello.
With Lucia Bellini, Fernanda Biserni, Emanuele Bocci, Marcella Contorni, Cristiana De Falco, Franco Mazzetti, Roberta Pinzuti, Giada Rutili, Jonathan Salvadore, Paola Svetoni, Alessandra Della Dora, Catia Giomi, Cristina Innocenti, Flavio Orellano, Emiliano Ruffaldi, Sara Scaramucci, Cristina Spinetti, Simone Zacchini
Written and directed by Giorgio Zorcù and Sarah Donzelli

18 Rural Self-Portraits
Film in video
Concept and directed by Sara Donzelli and Giorgio Zorcù
Filmmaking, photography and editing by Michele Nanni

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