Women and Violence

We are seeing a return of the daily violence perpetrated by men against women. With alarming data in any "evolved" country of the democracy West. Violence ranging from the most barbarous murder and rape, the beating, to compulsion and to denial of freedom in the family, up to expressions of disdain of the female body. A recent search of the Council of Europe states that male aggressiveness is the first cause of violent death and permanent disability for women between 16 and 44 years around the world . And this violence is consumed mainly in the home.

from "The Appeal of men"

Women and Violence was born in the theater season 2006/2007 from the collaboration between the Mutamenti Theatre Company, the Anti-Violence Center / Association “Olympia de Gouges” of Grosseto and the”Appeal of Men / Masculine Plural Association”, within the project “Contemporary – Maremma Between Cultural Tradition and New Languages” of the Province of Grosseto and Region of Tuscany.

Together, the three parties have initially made a series of 6 meetings in different realities of the province of Grosseto, including the capital, doing live moments of reflection, with lectures by Gabriella Lepri (director of the Anti-Violence Center of Grosseto), Catia Burgassi (psychologist) and Stefano Ciccone (promoter of "The Appeal of Men"), when emotional more appropriately spectacular, con La Regina dei banditi.

The project continues its proposal, in this form, throughout the national territory, starting from the appointment of Milan on 25 November 2007 (International Day Against Violence on Women) in collaboration with PiM-Scenic Space and the Anti-Violence Center/Mistreated Women Home Coop. Cerchi d’Acqua in Milan.

Later, will evolve through new forms of collaboration between the three subjects realizing new projects, mainly geared to the raising of children and young people on the theme of violence by men on women.

Locandina "Donne e violenza"