Area Maremma

Creative Workshop Theatre, music, film and visual arts

A project of the Province of Grosseto by

Stefano Cantini Music
Maurizio Cont Visual arts
Francesco Falaschi Cinema
Giorgio Zorcù Theatre

Through integrated and shared routes of various disciplines, Area Maremma investigates the identity of the Maremma as Europe's rural district, through opportunities for training, production and use, to highlight and give unity and coherence to the artistic and cultural activities in the territory, urging the encounter between art, economy, communication referring to the issues of rurality.

The main tool is the workshop, modeled on the Renaissance Workshop: a formative process closely linked to the production, and contemporary presence, in the same scope of work, of different professional figures for specificity (the various roles that contribute to the creation of the opera) and competence (from Master to artist up to young learn).
Main purpose is to provide a professional and artistic retraining to figures who already work as professionals or semi-professionals in Art – Culture – Communication Sector, and to introduce the formation of new figures.
The activity makes pin on a central place and on a network of representative spaces of the peculiarities of the territory, suitable to accommodate professional training modules in the artistic field and the presentation of works and cultural events.

Theatrical scenery: works of theatrical creation or relocation in scenic landscape. International Summer Yard. Revitalization of the small theatres network through artistic residences.

Targeted events in places of great charm. Internship and training with the idea of improvisation as a moment of high creativity. Involvement of the city bands.

Documentary and docu-fiction: the eyes of European film-makers in our country, the map of the storytellers, reportage with a strong insight component from filmmakers, creation of short films.

Historical archaeological survey, environmental, geographical. Reworking on contemporaneity, linked to all artistic disciplines. Interventions in private and public areas, re-invention of spaces.

In 2007 Area Maremma made its first project: IRIDE (Imaging Rural IDentities in the enlarged Europe), a European Union Project in partnership with Ireland, Netherlands and Czech Republic.

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