Castiglione della Pescaia – Sagrato San Giovanni Battista, 30 July > 27 August

Third edition of this successful format, set in the enchanted setting of the medieval town of Castiglione: the suggestion of the place, the fragrance of the voice and the acting talent of Sara Donzelli, the words of the greatest writers and poets, the delicate play of light, make these events uniques and fascinating. The five evenings of this year – always on Mondays, as usual – will be dedicated to the theme of love: "The novel of Freud/La Gradiva of Wilhelm Jensen", "The thousand and one nights/Tales of Scheherazade", The poetry of Leopardi/... and Nocturnes of Chopin ", "The company of wolves/The horror stories of Angela Carter", "The tales of Chekhov/The Lady with the little dog".

Folding The Reader (pdf, Italian)