P.A.I.R. – Performing Arts In residence


The concept of Artistic Residence is from the world of the visual arts, but it is being used more and more in theatre to describe a galaxy of artistic experiences very different but with one thing in common: to live in a place, a territory. The word Residence brings into play the terms artist, home and community: the emphasis is on being, on the halt. They are new forms of lightweight stability, which is closely related to the mechanisms of artistic production in a new dynamic between the stability and the typical nomadism of the theatrical profession.
The focus is not simply the public presentation of an artistic result, but the sharing of an artistic process as a whole: research and production, training, new ways to get involved and work with the audience and with local communities. The Residencies emphasize the importance of a cultural exchange deep, multi-layered, and immersion in different cultures, exploring new ways of making theatre in nature and urban spaces. In this case the artistic disciplines should open up their field to the disciplines of the social, urban planning, economics, promotion of the territories.

The new residencies are mostly lightweight and flexible, with a capacity for invention related to human processes. Theatres at the same time domestic and wild, with a strong identity, which depends so by the institutions but live in striving for its own action as an artist and an unprecedented encounter with the spectators.
The PAiR are in the middle of the crossroad between creative and artistic production, vocational training, life long learning, cultural management, new forms and intercultural practices of performing arts, innovative models for continuous education and informal learning, cross-cultural exchanges. They are “glocal”: local, permanent, but international, combining the current tension and the need to attention to the local dimension with a context of globalization.
There are two different souls traceable in the experience of the artistic residencies: one concerning the relation between the artistic process and the performance artists, and one concerning the relation with the audience, the spectators, the community to which the artistic process is directed

Accademia Amiata Mutamenti has led in the past two years the working group PAiR, with La MaMa Umbria International (Italy), Schloss Bröllin and Akt-Zent (Germany), Mini Teater (Slovenia), Théâtre & Publics (Belgio), Rectus Centrum (Cyprus), Per-Theater-Formance (Greece), hosting contributions by Astragali Teatro (Italy), BITA – Bangladesh Institut for Theatre Art (Bangladesh), ARTEN – Asian Regional Theatre and Education Network, La MaMa ETC (USA). PAiR is connected with the world network Res Artis.

We would like that ITI could start an attention to this phenomenon, activating a working group with visiting projects (performances, workshops, lectures…) and experimental projects sharing creativity and productions.


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