Tuscany of Cultures 2014

Mountain municipalities of Amiata Grossetana
Municipality of Arcidosso, Castel del Piano, Castell'Azzara,
Cinigiano, Santa Fiora, Seggiano
Regione Toscana, Province of Grosseto

The Maremma of the Festival

Accademia Mutamenti

Tuscany of Cultures

International Workshop of Theatre, Music and Visual Arts
Directed by Giorgio Zorcù

XXII Edition
26 July > 3 August 2014


Hoop means hope in the language of Nelson Mandela, to whom is dedicated the opening of the festival, in the heart of Santa Fiora, City of Peace, offering a preview of the direct testimony of the filmmaker Andrea Bastogi of the "most joyous funeral of history": that happened last December in South Africa, where a people have accompanied its leader dancing and singing in the streets.
Following a step backwards in Poetry and in the continuous review of the Myth, as signs of the incessant will of conflict transformation towards a new place where peace among men reigns, between genders, between races: from the journey of Odysseus, taken as a cue for a trip into a different Theatre, to the Metamorphoses of Ovid made in a Wildlife Park grove.
Tuscany of Cultures 22 confirms itself as laboratory of the new presenting many and innovative forms of theatre and art, and relaunches its own artistic skill, productive and projectual, only example in the world of theater in the Province of Grosseto.

Saturday 26 July, hours 21.30
Palazzo Sforza's Arch,Santa Fiora




Images of Andrea Bastogi
Texts by Fabio Santopietro
Musics by Gianmarco Serra
Preparation of Roberto Ricci

Introduction by Marina Mander
Videomessage by Gianmarco Serra

The 6 December 2013 Nelson Mandela died, and Andrea Bastogi left for South Africa with the video camera and a camera. On his return he worked out a complex project of multiprojection, with the intention to bring back to life the excitement of what was considered the most imposing funeral of history. In Santa Fiora, City of Peace, Toscana delle Culture presents the first fragment of this project, which will be concluded at the end of year, in a video installation produced for the Arch of Palazzo Sforza, to commemorate the figure of this great peacemaker in ' 900.

Sunday 27 July, hours 19:30 – 21:00 – 22:30 (3 Replicas)
Teatro Amiatino, Castel del Piano



With Chiara Elisa Rossini, Fiorella Tommasini, Alessio Papa, Boris Ventura, Cristina Barbiero, Marina Carluccio, Maria Grazia Bardascino, Katia Raguso
Music and Directing Massimo Munaro

*** Are allowed 33 spectators for each replica. Reservations required.

The best way to travel is to feel. Feel everything in every way. Odysseus a direct relationship between actors and spectators that breaks the convention of the separated space audience / scene. The overall perception of the event, while rewarding to each individual participant, is aimed at the total body of spectators: properly the body of Odysseus. His body was, as our, wounded. But his wound became scar. The journey of our hero is a circular journey that requires a departure and a return: from Ithaca to Ithaca. Everything always happens at the same time, as in a dream: in the Sea as in the Theater there is a no center. The Theater is perhaps the only place in the world where each of us can meet again his own ghosts and so regain his Ithaca. Metaphor of a theater that can be not only endured but also completely gone through and to return to different yet the same.

Thursday 31 July, hours 21.30
Castello di Potentino, Seggiano



From the poem by Margaret Atwood
Translation by Cristiana Franco
With Sara Donzelli
Live music by Angelo Comisso
Choir of the School of Theatre Castel del Piano
Installations, masks and props by Francesca Bizzarri
Edited by Giorgio Zorcù

The only power of Circe as goddess was to reveal to men the truth about themselves, showing to everyone his true form in accordance with his own nature. Margaret Atwood, Canadian poetess, invites to read the myth of Circe not only from the male point of view – of those who no longer knows how to dominate their brute instincts – but also from a new female perspective, and find a new way of reading the tradition. And if the fault were not always the seductive and bewitching qualities of the woman but also the inability of men to establish a relationship of equality and mutual respect? If women were tired of always being surrounded by super strong and aggressive men and instead seek another kind of companion, that can not be afraid of their vulnerability? Rebel to the myth and to a already written script , as taught by the Circe of Atwood, can lead to a revolutionary change in the relationship between the sexes. No longer a clash, but a shared meeting.

Thursday 1 August, hours 21.30
Piazza della Chiesa, Monticello Amiata


Poetry and music evening dedicated to Silvio Temperini

With Sara Donzelli, Roberta Fabbri, Sinibaldo Ruffaldi
Live Music Valerio Lupi

The Great War, of which is celebrated the centenary, revealed to Giuseppe Ungaretti his poetry, one of the greatest of the twentieth century. Starting from the human and literary adventure of Ungaretti, it builds an evening of poetry dedicated to the peacemakers, in the sign of Silvio Temperini, a shy and humble poet of Monticello Amiata which left us recently. Along with two of the most significant poets of the Amiata, Roberta Fabbri and Sinibaldo Ruffaldi, warming at the fire of important verses that mark and illuminate the deep conflicts and hopes of the human soul.

Saturday 2 August, hours 21.30
Villa Sforzesca, Castell'Azzara



Freely based on the homonymous novel by Jean-Claude Carrière
Adaptation Mario Migliucci, Anna Redi, Adriano Saleri
With Manuela Fiscarelli, Mario Migliucci, Anna Redi, Adriano Saleri
Live musics Giovanni D’Ancicco
Direction Anna Redi

What do you expect from a maker of miracles? What to expect from him that twelve times a day claims to be the Power of God? What were hoping all those villagers, his disciples and fanatics who followed him relentlessly? The sky spoke to Simon as an open book, until the accident at Cana, when all of a sudden he saw a possible divine sign, which was addressed to another. Simon Magus walks along the thin line between truth and falsehood, charlatanism and sacredness, practicing the art of theatre which is based on a lie to tell a truth. It's a character unintentionally comical and loser of the Christian view, as timely as ever with his pulsions. A stubborn and arrogant lost between the planets and the constellations searching for a divine sign to have power over others or maybe for too much pity that feeds for others. And only at the end appears a surprising figure of Jesus, far from our catholic memories, profoundly simple and human.

Sunday 3 August, hours 19:00
Wildlife Park, Arcidosso



Dedicated to the homonymous poem by Ovid
With Lenia Gadaleta, Iula Marzulli, Eleonice Mastria, Manuela Mastria, Roberta Quarta, Antonio Ramos, Simonetta Rotundo, Hamadou Jean-Baptiste Tiemtore
Organization Ivano Gorgoni
Directed by Fabio Tolledi

In collaboration with the Wildlife Park Restaurant “In bocca al lupo”.
To book the buffet at the end of the show: Tel.. 345.3441036.

Poetic crossing of a natural space, theater in a secret area, unveiling of the profound nature of a text that seems to tell us the neverending matrix of the living and its deep fragility, his being at once at the divine and at the violence that originates life. The play gets to listen, in connection with the host space, at the natural light. The human is caught in his act of birth and in the time and space of its constant transformation, which continually creates the world, representation of the eternal dialectic between 'divine' and 'human', conscious construction of a rich and extraordinary kaleidoscope of images that feed the collective imagination right into the contemporary.
Metamorphosis is a chant, is the image that becomes life, where the native languages of actresses and actors become part of the practice and of the stage research.

Free admission to all shows

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