School of Theatre

teachers Sara Donzelli and Giorgio Zorcù.

The School of Theatre is located at the Teatro Amiatino of Castel del Piano, and provides courses for kids (dai 13 to 16 years) and adults (dfrom17 years onwards).

It is a weekly two-hour meeting from October to April, complemented by in-depth meetings with guest artists and the preparation of an essay-end-of-course extravaganza.
Participants also have the opportunity to follow closely the company's programs (open rehearsals, theatre season, summer festival) and to be integrated in some projects.

During the theatre season 2006/2007 were produced the following shows:
Hamlet in fabula, freely adapted from “Five stories from Shakespeare's Hamlet” by Charles and Mary Lambs, with the group of youngs;
The Giants of The Mountain, freely adapted from the homonymous opera of Luigi Pirandello, with the group of adults.

The adults group also participated in, in the spring and summer, to the project “IRIDE” (see “Project Archive” within the "Projects" section) completing the mise en scène of The Giants of The Mountain and producing the film on video 18 Rural Self-Portraits.

Basic Program

Individual and group. Exercises of discovery and self-affirmation. Meeting, comparison and "clash" with the group.
The space. Give and take energy in the space where you work.
Breathing - sound - word. Respiratory awareness. Emission of sound. Interpretation of the words.
The body. Psychophysical exercises. Distensions, contractions and corporal expression.
The character. First approaches to the construction of a role.
The scene. Analysis and composition of theatrical scenes (acting, text, music, lights, objects).