Beckett Night

Fragments of theatre dedicated to Samuel Beckett

with Alberto Astorri, Sara Donzelli,Sara Quattrino, Simone Ricciardi, Paola Tintinelli, Francesco Trecci, David Visconti and Angelo Comisso piano

organization and technical direction Massimo Carotti
lights Marcello D'Agostino

video by Michele Nanni

directed by Giorgio Zorcù

Production Accademia Amiata Mutamenti, Tuscany of Cultures
We wish to thank the companies Astorri Tintinelli, Transiti Opera, Eccentrici Dadarò

Samuel Beckett was able to renew the classical tragedy and make it feel closer to our contemporary, using a variety of means: novels and short stories, theatre, television, cinema and radio. In 1969 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. We wanted to dedicate this Night to his world – of works, themes, images, of life – through a personal reinvention, inviting to work with us other artists and companies. The debut took place in the woods of the Public Park of Semproniano, populated by our / his fragments: of Waiting for Godot, Happy Days, Act Without Words, Steps, Not I, Eh Joe, Film, but also by new music images and theatrical actions, raised by themes so strong, important and close to the life of all. As main theme was chosen the “memory of a past life”: old age and youth are reflected facing each other, to draw the trajectory of human life, between love and not love, the pursuit of happiness and its loss, the meaning and meaninglessness of life.