Tale of a Poisoned Woman

Studio dedicated to Italo Calvino

with Sara Donzelli, Federico Bertozzi, Carlo Gambaro, Barbara Masi, Andrea Omezzolli, Claudia Pastorini
dramaturgy Federico Bertozzi
directed by Giorgio Zorcù

A group of six players for more than a month has worked in Arcidosso and Castel del Piano on suggestions of two beautiful and difficult texts: If on a Winter's Night a Traveler by Calvino and Giants of the Mountain of Pirandello. Tale of a Poisoned Woman is the first stage of a quest that will continue in the coming months, the first point of call and verification, made for a tour in Amiata villages within the Tuscany of Cultures Festival

The show revolves around the themes of desire and love poetry and human frailties which sometimes makes each of us easy prey of the impulse to mock and kill what we love or that we don't understand.

A background precedes the story: a poet kills himself for the woman he loves, Countess. But before make that final act he writes for her a “new fable”, which is like a foreshadowing of the way that the woman will have to make because of that love denied and lost.
And it is precisely that Countess “stages” the tale of his poet, who is present in the scene to direct its developments.
The tale tells of his arrival in a place, an island perhaps, where in a imaginary villa seems to be correct to the wishes of the lives that come adrift, of “many no one”.
Before she, in fact, have arrived four people, other survivors of life that, among them, who were unfamiliar, who are waiting for her testimony, a tale of love that can save them. To them, the woman will tell her own truth. But after the happy and full of hope meeting, appears inexorable the poison that makes escape from responsibility of “own truth”, and from the many questions that involve a life “looking for yourself”, making slip back everyone in ghosts of the old life.

A rarefied atmosphere, visual and sound suggestions serve as counterpoint to a poetic and deeply human story.