International Yard

Born in 2003 and 2004 under the title “Amiata Summer Theatre Academy”, under the leadership of director and pedagogue Russian Yuri Alschitz, continued as a meeting and training workshop between the European and Italian theatre companies, mainly related to the Tuscany of Cultures Summer Festival .

Is dedicated both professional and young artists, and open to different artistic languages: is a gymnasium to create experimental materials, and calls meetings and working practices which go beyond the usual production procedure.

In 2005, along with young actors of Theatre City of Cascina and playwright Federico Bertozzi, was made the show Tale of a Poisoned Woman, replicated in six countries of the Amiata inside the Tuscany of Cultures Festival.

In 2006 it is created, with the review “The Smell of India”, a thematic context about the theatre, Indian dances and music, around the creation of the show The Bandit's Queen.

In 2007, through a synergy with the European Project IRIDE, were created the show The Giants of The Mountain and the film on video 18 Rural Self-Portraits, which, along with other results of the working group of “Area Maremma - Creative Theatre Workshop, Music, Cinema and Visual Arts”, have converged in the final events (see “Projects”).

In 2008 is expected the project Bluebeard's Rooms, a work of creating "prototypes" involving theatre artists, dance, music and cinema (see “Projects”).

Akademia Ruchu, 2010