LABORATORIO UTOPIA – Artistic Residencies in Maremma

Cinigiano – Teatro Comunale, 12 October > 3 November
Vetulonia – Casa del Popolo, 20 > 25 November
Grosseto – Clarisse Arte, 23 November

Laboratorio Utopia lives in small villages and indicates the possibilities. The common element is the home of artists: to finalise new shows, to do research, to meet the audience in new ways.
In Cinigiano three companies create a theatrical season: Chille de la balanza with “Love is the heart of all things” from Majakowskij and Permanent Workshops with “The chairs” by Ionesco, our partners in the network RAT-Residenze Artistiche Toscane, and the young international group Teatro Umano of Perugia that perfects “Bar Moments”, masquerade theatre play.
In Vetulonia beats the most experimental heart of the residences. In the center is the utopia of Kolektiv38: 8 young filmmakers and directors who imagine the directing as collective fact. “Protocollo Vetulonia” – a further step in their research – will be illustrated in two show-conferences at Clarisse Arte and in Vetulonia. Then the actor and director Francesco Chiantese with his research on the icon painter Andrej Rublev, immortalized by Tarkovskij's movie; the visual artist Aischa Gianna Müller, who continues her research at the boundaries between art installation and performance with “All that glitters is not all gold”, and Giovanni Gaggia presenting “Inventarium”, book-catalogue of the artist on the memory of Ustica massacre.

Laboratorio Utopia's dépliant (pdf, Italian)


Castiglione della Pescaia – Sagrato San Giovanni Battista, 30 July > 27 August

Third edition of this successful format, set in the enchanted setting of the medieval town of Castiglione: the suggestion of the place, the fragrance of the voice and the acting talent of Sara Donzelli, the words of the greatest writers and poets, the delicate play of light, make these events uniques and fascinating. The five evenings of this year – always on Mondays, as usual – will be dedicated to the theme of love: "The novel of Freud/La Gradiva of Wilhelm Jensen", "The thousand and one nights/Tales of Scheherazade", The poetry of Leopardi/... and Nocturnes of Chopin ", "The company of wolves/The horror stories of Angela Carter", "The tales of Chekhov/The Lady with the little dog".

Folding The Reader (pdf, Italian)


Agrigento – Valle dei Templi, 21 July
Morgantina (En) – Teatro Greco, 11 August

The Greek Theatre and the archaeological site of Morgantina are dedicated to Demeter and Kore, present with smiling faces in two beautiful acroliths to the nearby Museum of Aidone. Popular local legend says that right on the shore of Lake Pergusa, the ground has opened up and Hades abducted the young Kore while she was picking flowers in the meadowland. There, wheat is called "kore" and women, when were sad or happy, slightly and repeatedly battled the hand in their chest whispering "kore kore kore kore ...". After the exciting evening in Agrigento, in front of the Temple of Juno in the Valley of the Temples, it is precisely in Morgantina that we set up again our show, that – through the contemporary writing of Lina Prosa and the interpretation of Sara with her daughter Giulia – to this myth is based.

Promo video


San Giovanni Valdarno – Cinema Teatro Masaccio, 13 April
In San Giovanni Valdarno “Kkore” will be set up in the old Cinema Teatro Masaccio, a beautiful vintage jewel from the 50s. But the stage is very special because it is the home of Sudden Band conducted by Orio Odori, from whose music we have drawn the soundtrack, and the Band will be performing live. Thanks to Orio, Giampiero Bigazzi and Materiali Sonori.


Gorizia – Liceo Artistico Max Fabiani, 26 – 27 February
Cinigiano – Teatro Comunale e Foresteria, 18 – 25 March
Rome – Teatro Eliseo, 26 – 27 March

To its third edition the national competition "Write the Theater", sponsored by MIUR and ITI Italy, declares winner the text “Bastava un abbraccio” written by Liceo Artistico Max Fabiani of Gorizia. After the first meetings of the lab in Gorizia with Sara Donzelli and Giorgio Zorcù, that stage the text with the authors-students, the group moves in artistic residence in Cinigiano to debut at Teatro Eliseo in Rome on 27 March, for World Theatre Day.